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All You Need to Know About Acing Golf’s Most Exotic Bets

There are several types of wagers for golf tournaments and we explain some of them that can be very profitable with bettors.

When novices bet on golf, they tend to just pick who they think is going to win the tournament. Truth is, there are so many other bets that pay off well and have a little less risk attached.

With a golf tournament occurring almost every week, golf betting has become very popular at online sportsbooks. Some options include outrights, place/finishing position, matchups, parlays, props, and 3-ball.

We take a look at some of the more exotic golf bets and show bettors how they can take advantage of them.

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Head-to-head betting in golf is a type of wager where you pick which of two golfers will perform better in a given round or tournament.

The wager is based on the golfers’ scores relative to each other, regardless of their performance relative to the rest of the field.

Head-to-head betting is similar to 3-ball betting but only has two golfers instead of three. For example, if Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas are paired together in the first round of the PGA Championship, a head-to-head bet would be who will have a lower score in that round. If you bet on Spieth and he shoots a 70 while Thomas shoots a 72, you would win the bet.

Head-to-head betting can be done for individual rounds or for an entire tournament. It’s a popular type of golf betting because it simplifies the wagering process by only involving two golfers rather than the entire field.

If a head-to-head bet ends in a tie, the wager is voided. So, if Thomas and Spieth both shoot a 70, the bet is voided no matter which player was bet on.

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3-Ball Betting

A 3-ball golf bet is actually very simple, usually offered for the first and second rounds and sometimes for the third and fourth rounds, depending on the pairings.

At most PGA Tour events, players go off as threesomes for the first and second rounds. That is where the 3-ball bet originates. Online sportsbooks will offer odds for all three players in a particular group, so the 3-ball bet is for who will score the best out of a particular threesome for a specific round.

Since there are three players involved, typically, there are plus-odds, which could provide some nice value on good players. These are usually offered for every group in a specific round.

The third and final rounds groups often feature twosomes, where 2-ball betting originates.

How Does 3-Ball Betting Work? At the Masters, Tiger Woods, Justin Thomas and Collin Morikawa may be paired together for the first round, and here’s how the 3-ball odds might look.

Woods: +250

Thomas: +150

Morikawa: +175

So, if you placed a $100 3-ball bet on Thomas in the first round and he finished with the best score of the three, you would win $250 (including stake).

The same bet would be offered for the second round (pairings stay the same for the first two rounds), with odds likely changing depending on how players performed in Round 1.

Other Types of Golf Bets

There are several other types of golf bets, too. Outright bets may be the most popular bet in golf because they offer the highest payout. These are simply betting on a player to win a tournament before it begins.

Place/finishing position bets are a nice alternative to outright bets. This is betting on a player to finish in the top 5, top 10, top 20, or even top 40. These are shorter odds, so a lower payout, but some good value can be found.

Matchup bets, either for a specific round or the tournament as a whole, are two players against one another. Typically, the odds are around -110 since they feature similar-skill players.

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