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Could Purdue win the NCAA Championship?


With March Madness a month away, we take a look at Purdue and their odds to win the NCAA Championship.

.As we move closer and closer to March, now’s the time to look ahead on the schedule and figure out which teams might be valuable to get in on now.

The key to these futures bets is finding college basketball teams that have long odds but could make a run in the NCAA tournament. That allows you to cash out for a large profit.

The NCAA tournament futures market is wide open right now. There is plenty of value to be found on the board. Let’s take a look at one team that I think could be a nice profit-maker this March.

Purdue Showing Value  

 The key is getting the best number possible before it goes away. You can do that right now by picking your spots. The Purdue Boilermakers just took a tough loss to the jumpstarted Indiana Hoosiers, and now may be the time to get in on them before they possibly become the favorite to win it all.

The Boilermakers have been one of the largest surprises in the country this season with just how dominant they’ve been. Before the season, Purdue was unranked and most people wrote them off after losing significant talent to the NBA Draft after last year’s star-studded squad fell in the tournament to Cinderella Saint Peter’s Peacocks.

Jaden Ivey was gone, so pundits felt Purdue didn’t have enough around big man Zach Edey to be a contender. Welp, they certainly were wrong. The Boilermakers are currently the No. 3 team in the country. They have a record of 23-3 and have been crushing their opponents all season long. It’s been hard to find a good number on them since the beginning of the season, but after their recent loss to the Hoosiers and Northwestern Wildcats, you can now find a good number on them again.

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Odds Shopping for Purdue

Most books have them at +800 right now, but there is one book that’s offering +1200 odds, and that’s Caesars. I think it may be the last time you find them at double-digit-to-one odds to win it all.

Their upcoming schedule isn’t exactly impossible, and the Big Ten as a whole has been down this year. Only Indiana has a ranking outside of Purdue, and the rest of the conference has struggled to keep any momentum. Purdue will face the Hoosiers once again this month. That will be a huge showdown and you know the Boilermakers will want revenge.

Outside of that, they really don’t play any teams that have been truly good, with most being inconsistent at best.

Another factor is the teams that are currently getting better odds to win the tournament than Purdue. The Houston Cougars have been the favorite for a long time now, and they have been equally as dominant as the Boilermakers. Their schedule is easier overall than Purdue. If they were to lose to any teams left on their schedule, they could drop a decent amount.

This is a play on value so clearly this is not meant to be a max bet or anything close. I just believe you aren’t going to get a better number on Purdue for the rest of the year. At +1200, I think they are certainly worth a bet. They have the Wooden Award winner and some upstart pieces around him that all feel like they were insulted after being unranked to begin the season. Purdue is well-rounded with few weaknesses. Head to Caesars and snag this number before it disappears.

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